Bismillah Al-Rahman al-Rahim. 

As a group of Muslim Feminists in Berlin we share a commitment to Muslim ethics and to an intersectional feminism that is inclusive of all.  A Muslim ethics which confirms that we are equal in the eyes of God: And of Gods signs is the creation of the heavens and the earth and the diversity of your languages and your colors/desires.Sura 30:22

We see Islam as an unfinished project of social justice that requires us to actively offer and demand solidarity.

We believe that as a community – an ummah of peoples who are oppressed – if one part aches we all need to stand together to heal from this pain. Liberation of the few is the liberation of all, Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

The German state oppresses Muslim communities- through laws that target Muslim womens bodies, such as the Neutralitätsgesetz, the so called neutrality law, the state polices Muslim bodies, it monitors our actions and political opinions, and attempts to divide us into goodand badMuslims, cutting us off spaces we so badly need. For example, Muslims who do not feed into the homonationalist idea that only liberal Muslimsare the right kind of Muslimthat is allowed entry and protection in our society.  

This repression takes away our right to access public resources and infrastructure that could empower the most marginalised members of our community, which includes women*, children, LGBTI*Q, Black, Asian, Indigenous and other siblings.

STOP policing Muslim communities, our individual and collective bodies! STOP silencing our political dissent, criminalising our political opinions and making us into enemies of the state by pitching us against our fellow communities.

As transnational trans-women, cis-women and queers we extend our solidarity to our sisters* and siblings who are suffocating in war zones across the world, living in refugee camps, under occupation and under authoritarian regimes.

If we cannot breathe, our people can never breathe!

Assalamu alaikum – freedom, peace and solidarity to you all!