About us

We are a group of Muslim feminists, spanning different cultures, geographies and generations.  We came together one year ago in Berlin to share a space we call our own.

We meet in gardens, living rooms, mosques, cafes, universities, and anywhere that is open and welcoming.

What brings us together is our drive for social justice.

Our gatherings are a space where the private is political. We socialize, empower each other, celebrate together, pray together, fast together, laugh and cry together, and ponder around the themes that concern us deeply: how to reread and challenge the patriarchal reading of spiritual texts, recreate practice, challenge cultural oppressive norms of colonialism, racism and patriarchy, capitalism, classicism, and able-bodiedness.

As Muslim feminists, we celebrate our openness and acceptance of our individual relation to spirituality: Some of us are practicing, some less-practicing, and some are non-practicing.

We jointly engage with our societies, our communities of color, and our communities of Islam. We are here for those who seek solidarity.

This blog is a virtual reflection of our space where we will continue to share solidarity, knowledge, and understanding. Welcome to our community!